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Graduate Programs

Certificate in Physics
Master of Physics
Master of Science in Physics
Doctor of Philosophy in Physics

CERTIFICATE IN PHYSICS (CIP) - This certificate program is a bridging program designed for entering graduate students with undergraduate deficiencies in physics; e.g. Engineering graduates and other graduate of physical science courses other than physics.


Admission Requirements:
To qualify for admission into the certificate program, the applicant must posses a bachelor's degree in engineering, mathematics or chemistry. Graduates of other courses with above-average GPA and with at least (10) units of general physics, ten (10) units of calculus and three (3) units of differential equations maybe admitted into the program.

MASTER OF PHYSICS (MOP) - This program is under the Commission on Higher Education – Higher Education Development Program (CHED-HEDP). Consistent with the mandate of the CHED as Center-of-Excellence (COE) in Physics, it is the Department’s responsibility to continually improve the quality of physics research and instruction (tertiary level) in the country. Qualified secondary instructors can be admitted to this program.

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN PHYSICS - The curriculum of the two-year program leading to the degree of Master of Science in Physics aims to provide students with advance training in Physics that will prepare them to become highly competent physics professionals in industry, academe and research institutions especially in the Visayas and Mindanao regions. Completion of this degree requires submission of hard bound thesis as a research output at a graduate level in either experimental or computational high-energy physics, material science,or photonics.


Admission Requirements:

a.) Possession of a BS Physics degree from a reputable institution or, for non-physics majors, a GPA of 2.5 or better in at least 15 units in the following advanced undergraduate courses: i.) Mechanics,ii.)Electromagnetic Theory, iii.)Quantum Mechanics, iv.)Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics, v.)Differential Equations/Mathematical Physics
b.) Passing the entrance exam in any three of the five areas listed above.c.) Submission of a certified true copy of Official Transcript of Records.

Financial support from CHED-MAEP Scholarship program is extended to MS Physics student after meeting the requirements of the said scholarship. A monthly stipend of P4,500.00 for a period of two years and a thesis allowance of P25,000.00 offer a privileged and substantial support in getting a masteral degree in the institute.

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN PHYSICS - The curriculum of the research-based Ph.D. Physics program is designed to produce competent top level physicist to do a specialized research in Physics. Conduct of research study towards Ph.D. disertation can be done through collaboration with Japanese advisor in the selected laboratories or research institution in Japan together with home advisor.

The program aims to produce graduates with advanced training in physics who are capable of : (1) undertaking original and independent research in experimental or theoretical physics; and (2) assuming top-level physics position in academic, industrial and/or research institutions.


Admission Requirements:

1. An M.S. Physics degree or its equivalent from a recognized institution of higher learning.
2. A copy of the Official Transcript of Records.
3. Three (3) letters of recommendations from former professors and immediate supervisors attesting to the applicant's intellectual capacity for advanced studies.
4. Compliance of the School of Graduate Studies and the Institute admission requirements.
5. If necessary, an entrance examination covering the core courses at the M.S. physics level will be administered.

Downloadable Forms: (PDF files)
Graduate Studies Application Form
Graduate Studies Recommendation Form
CHED FACDEV Scholarship Application Form
CHED FACDEV Recommendation Form
CHED Scholarship Privileges

Certificate and MS Physics Alumni Comprehensive Listings

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