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Materials Science Laboratory

The Materials Science Laboratory (MSL) was established on 1999 to advance the knowledge of physics by doing research works in the Southern Philippines and to provide superior graduate and undergraduate research training, and to act as a source of advanced technology for the support of the industry.

MSL supports interdisciplinary material science research. Semiconductors, ferromagnetic and paramagnetic materials are used to form highly complex systems, such as integrated electronic circuits, optoelectronic devices, magnetic and optical mass storage media. It also includes the acquisition, processing, transmission, storage, and display of information.

Electronic materials research combines the fundamental principles of solid state physics and chemistry, of electronic and chemical engineering, and materials science. MSL also operates major central facilities for materials research. These include characterization of the structure of the materials, for synthesis of single crystals, and other methods for the characterization of the properties of materials.


The Material Science Group, a group of physicists from tertiary schools in Mindanao based at MSU-IIT, seeks to be a dynamic community of material scientists promoting the development of new materials and the advancement of researches and publications related to material development and technology.


To develop materials which shall meet the demands of present and future technologies.

To produce valuable and feasible researches in material science.

To publish quality and internationally accepted scientific papers in material science research.

To promote the Material Science Laboratory of MSU-IIT as a center of material research in Mindanao through active involvement and participation in local, national and international conferences/workshops.

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