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The department has considerable number of equipment found in the High Energy Physics Laboratory, Material Science Laboratory, Computational Physics Laboratory and Photonics Laboratory, which are serving the graduate students with their research needs. A complete set of Nuclear Instrument Modules (NIM) and Computer Automated Measurement and Control (CAMAC), various scintillators, photomultiplier tubes, tools and literatures were acquired through donations made by High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) in Tsukuba, Japan.

The Material Science Laboratory is equipped with equipment for basic material science experiments at the masteral level. The computational Physics Laboratory provides students with hands-on training in computational physics using Linux workstations. An eight-node Beowulf Cluster built in the laboratory is the first Beowulf cluster in Mindanao and is used by students for high performance parallel computation. There are also two laboratory stockrooms available to dispense apparatus used by basic physics courses.


High Energy Physics Laboratory (HEP)

-The only High Energy Physics (HEP) laboratory in a Philippine university. Established in 1995 through the effort of Dr. Angelina M. Bacala. It seeks to promote the advancement of science through joint researches and publications related to High Energy Physics. This laboratory aims to produce valuable researches through collaborative works in high energy physics such as determination of particle properties, cosmic rays, and radioactivity. It also aims to develop new technologies as an output of collective researches that will provide a link between research institutions and industries.

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Material Science Laboratory (MatSci)

-The Material Science Laboratory (MSL) was established to advance the knowledge of physics by doing research works in the Southern Philippines and to provide superior graduate and undergraduate research training, and to act as a source of advanced technology for the support of the industry.

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Computational Physics Laboratory (CPL)

-The Computational Physics Laboratory (CPL) was established five years ago to provide computing facilities for the undergraduate and graduate researches of the Physics Department.

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Photonics Laboratory (AOL)

-The Photonics Laboratory (Alexan Optics Laboratory) is the newest laboratory and research group of the department. It is intended for researches in optics, holography, interferometry, spectroscopy, and laser physics.

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