Graduate Programs

Graduate Program of MSU-IIT Physics Department

Admission Requirements for MS PHysics and Phd Physics

The following minimum requirements must be satisfied for admission to any program in the School of Graduate Studies: 1. A bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree, from a recognised institution is required for admission to a master’s or doctoral program, respectively. 2. For an applicant to a master’s program, an undergraduate Grade-Point-Average (GPA) of 2.00 or better, and for an applicant to a doctoral program, a GPA of 1.75 or better in the master’s program; or some evidence of potential ability to pursue a graduate degree, e.g., excellent performance in teaching or research, etc. 3. Evidence of suitable background or its equivalent in the degree sought.

The above criteria shall be enforced through (a) examination/evaluation of scholastic credentials, (b) recommendation from two former professors and/or distinguished authorities in the field/discipline sought, (c) character reference (d) personal interview, and (e) admission test or any appropriate means. Applicants must submit all required credentials to the Graduate Coordinator in the Department at least two weeks before enrolment. Credentials are evaluated by the Graduate Coordinator and are endorsed to the CSM School of Graduate Studies for further appraisal and approval. Admission is contingent upon acceptance by the CSM School of Graduate Studies.

Master of Science in Physics

List of courses by semester

SUMMARY for MS Physics

  • Core Courses = 18

  • Required Courses = 4

  • Physics Electives = 9

  • Masteral Thesis = 6

Grand Total = 37 Units

Period: 2 years full time

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Doctor of philosophy in Physics

List of courses by semester

SUMMARY for PhD Physics

  • Course Work = 18

  • Doctoral Research work = 30

  • Graduate Seminar = 2

  • Doctoral Dissertation= 12

Grand Total = 62 Units

Period: 3 years full time

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Admission Requirements for Master of physics

i.) Possession of a bachelor‘s degree in engineering, mathematics, chemistry, or physics education or, if not a graduate of any of these, a GPA of 2.0 (or its equivalent) or better in the following undergraduate courses: General Physics (10 units), Calculus (10 units), and Differential Equations (3 units).

ii.) Pass the entrance examination in general physics and mathematics. Two (2) letters of recommendation from former professor and immediate supervisor attesting to the applicant‘s intellectual capacity for advanced studies.

iii.) Compliance of the School of Graduate Studies and the Institute admission requirements.

iv.) Submission of a certified true copy of official Transcript of Records.

Master of Physics

List of courses by semester

SUMMARY for MO Physics

  • Required courses = 21

  • Physics elective = 9

  • Special project = 6

Grand Total = 36 Units

Period: 2 years full time

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Each year level has a dedicated adviser that you can talk to about the program. Feel free to email us with your questions about the program.

Graduate Coordinator

Quiñones, Catherine Therese J., Ph.D.


Maratas, Jan Mickelle V., Ph.D.