BS Physics

BS Physics Program at MSU-IIT

The BS Physics is a four-year undergraduate program with specialization in Materials Science, Soft Matter and Biophysics, High Energy and Radiation Physics and Theoretical Physics. The program aims to produce competent graduates equipped with concrete understanding in the basic concepts and principles in physics and quantitative skills needed to comprehend the laws of nature. The offering of the BS physics program is designed to provide an effective learning environment for students thereby equipping them to be responsive to the needs of physics education, research and development in our country.

The courses offered in the BS Physics program provide a rigorous training in basic and applied physics courses in preparation for teaching career in the high school and tertiary level or research position in either government or private institutions and for advanced graduate studies. An important requirement in the undergraduate physics program concludes the one-year intensive training in any of the laboratories of the respective specialization chosen by the student. The laboratory activities of the student enabled them to address the research problem using state-of the art equipment acquired through DOST, CHED and from the Institute funds. Research work of the students in the laboratory are carried out under a close supervision of the faculty of the Department of Physics of MSU-IIT.

By Dr. Rosario Reserva

Admission Requirements

Must be a graduate of the STEM track of the Basic Education Program; or a graduate of Non STEM Basic Education program who passed through some bridging courses to ensure that the required competencies are in place before entering the program.

Senior High school graduates seeking admission to the BS Physics program must pass the System Admission and Scholarship Examination (SASE) with qualifying score required for the BS Physics program. This is administered by the MSU Center for University Testing and Institutional Research, Office of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Mindanao State University, Marawi City.

In addition to passing the SASE, the applicant qualified for admission have a raw score of at least 50% for mathematical ability.

Shiftee students will be accommodated provided they don’t have failing grades in Mathematics and General Physics courses. Shiftees from other degree programs who have yet to take a Mathematics course will be accommodated provided they satisfy SASE score required for the BS Physics program.

Transfer students, upon presentation of a valid transfer credentials (honorable dismissal) and copy of previous academic records, may be admitted, and provided that;

a. they have obtained an average of at least 2.0 (86%) in all the academic units earned outside of the MSU Systems;

b. they will complete in the Institute no less than 50% of the units required for the course; and

c. they comply with the policies of the department on transferees.

Foreign students may be admitted provided they meet the requirements of the Commission on Higher Education and MSU-IIT. In addition, foreign students from countries where English is not the medium of instruction and/or not the native language must submit a certificate of English proficiency. All documents and other admission requirements must be received by the Office of the Registrar at least one month before the start of registration.

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List of courses by semester


  • General Education Curriculum = 39

  • Required Courses = 8 (14)

  • Core Courses = 66

  • Physics Electives = 12

  • Department Specified Courses = 17

  • Free Electives = 9

  • Special Project = 6

Grand Total = 157 (163) Units

Period: 4 years full time

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Talk to Us!

Each year level has a dedicated adviser that you can talk to about the program. Feel free to email us with your questions about the program.

1st year level adviser

Magallanes, Jingle B.

2nd year level adviser

Enobio, Eli Christopher I., Ph.D.

3rd year level adviser

Maratas, Jan Mickelle V., Ph.D.

4th year level adviser

Fabricante, Bianca Rae S.

Undergraduate Coordinator

Odarve-Vequizo, Majvell Kay G.


Maratas, Jan Mickelle V., Ph.D.