society of Physics Graduate Students


The Society of Physics Graduate Students under the Department of Physics of the Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology is committed to providing its graduate students with activities and service opportunities that foster their advancement and spirit of professional development in both research and academe. More so, the society promulgates to develop a sense of fellowship and growth among its members. The society also supports the Department of Physics and other societies, organizations, civic clubs, and agencies that work for the common good and general interests of the society.


The Society of Physics Graduate Students of the Department of Physics of the Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology envisions a morally established and dynamic scientific community of professional individuals, upholding camaraderie as gearing towards scientific developments and achievements for the betterment of its members and the society as a whole.


(S.Y. 2021-2022)

President: Jae Lord Dexter C. Filipinas

Vice-President: Mariel Escobal

Secretary: Marie Carmel M. Micompal

Treasurer: Nathaniel B. Dimaocor

Auditor: Kenneth Moreno

P.I.O.: Cristine Ruvy Mahilom

1st year M.S. representative: Gladys Edilo

2nd year M.S. representative: James Ebo

PhD representative: Jan Risty Marzon


(S.Y. 2019-2020)

President: Alfredo Q. Liboon Jr.

Vice-President: Hana Shenne Patangan

Secretary: Joshua Ordeniza (Maria Christine L. Lugo-acting secretary)

Treasurer: Diamond C. Domatong

Auditor: Alvin P. Aballe

P.I.O.: Maria Christine L. Lugo

1st year M.S. representatives:

Niziel Tagdulang

Marjun T. Bonilla

2nd year M.S. representatives:

Maria Theresa Mae M. Micompal

Jomari A. Tanghal

PhD representative:

Key T. Simfroso


(S.Y. 2020-2021)

President: Key T. Simfroso

Vice-President: Jae Lord Dexter Filipinas

Secretary: Maria Teresa Batocael (Aries Mae Calam - acting secretary)

Treasurer: Richelle Vacalares

Auditor: Charisse Kim A. Lamberte - Gonzales

P.I.O.: Ryan Lumod

1st year M.S. representative: Jade Jusoy

2nd year M.S. representative: Niziel Tagdulang

PhD representative: Hana Shenne Patangan

Birth of the Society of the Physics Graduate Students

The year 2019 had been exceptionally important for the Physics graduate students in MSU-IIT because it was the mark of the beginning of a newly formed family called the Society of Physics Graduate Students or SPGS. This society, which was realized through the effort of the faculty members of the Department of Physics and with the leadership of the chairperson of the Department of Physics, Prof. Jess E. Gambe, intends to promote activities and service opportunities for the Physics graduate students to enhance their research culture and exposure, to update current studies in each research laboratory under the Department of Physics, and to develop a sense of friendship among its members. The first year of SPGS has a total of 50 Physics graduate students as official members. The very first appointed officers was headed by Alfredo Q. Liboon Jr, as the President of SPGS S.Y. 2019-2020 with the chairperson, Prof. Jess E. Gambe, as the adviser.

Physics Colloquium


Along with the mission of the SPGS, a scientific colloquium was organized and held every last Wednesday of the month in MSU-IIT in order to introduce the Graduate Physics students to science lectures/forums and to inform them of the current research works and developments that various research laboratories of the Department of Physics are working on, or in Physics in general. This event is primarily attended by the Physics graduate students of the MSU-IIT but it is also open to anyone interested. The first series of LiTalks started last August 2019. The talks were mostly delivered by some of the faculty members of the Department of Physics and the on-going PhD Physics students, who are on the last stages of their respective dissertations. Through this series of LiTalks, the doctoral students are given the privilege to share the latest advances on their fields and the results of their research works to their fellow colleagues. Likewise, this series of colloquia also allows faculty members of the Physics Department and/or the institution and/or from other universities to share their research works and knowledge to the Physics graduate students of MSU-IIT. In general, the series of Litalks serves as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas between the expert speakers and participants.

Wanna Reach out to us?

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